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Welcome to singlechips.gr, the website of soon to be created ZYX company!
CDi3.P7/CDi3.LE Boardsets Available To/Through SCi.RS Members Only
The SingleChips International Research Society (SCi.RS) which holds the technology through its founders will soon form the commercial arm of the society, the ZYX company, which will be a mostly fabless company that may choose from time to time to fabricate a product to level A, B, or C as shown below. XYZ is an outfit made up of SCi.RS members operating at a different location, XYZ may choose to source from ZYX as little as a parts list and some blank (unpopulated) boards, although it is more likely, initially at least, to source product in a more advanced state of completion. In the specific example below the monthly software authorization charges ($200/m for simple flowmeters and $300/m for switching controllers) apply and are the same regardless of the state of completion of source devices. The slideshows at page bottom show more general examples of system use.
Level A, $5k + ($200/m or $300/m)
Level B, $7.5k + ($200/m or $300/m)
Level C, $10k + ($200/m or $300/m)
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