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Currently supported productline, software
Online flowcalc
Switcher Software ZDL5 Submersible Gas Field Controller CDi.P5.FTe Submersible Natural Gas Flowmeter CDi.P5.Sw Submersible Natural Gas Flowmeter and Intermitter
CDi3.FTe/RMe Submersible Gas Field Controller
Long Range RF Link (900MHz)
Web App Flow Calculator
Projects, IoT - Internet of Things, upcoming work, lake Erie tech roadmap
Interfacing the I2C 4-9 LD series FlyportPRO Wi-Fi CDi4 Flow Meter, Keller Communicator Offshore Solar Charger/900Mhz Modem
Internet Enabled, Tomato Garden Watering Thing IoT - Internet of Things Dashboard
CDi Boards Development
Parts lists and tools of the trade, freeware and utilities
Modem Parts (900 MHz)
Iciss Corrosion Datalogger RF Parts (900 MHz)
PDL5 Parts
Freeware and Utilities
Keller Digital Transducers/Transmitters Solar Parts Supplies/Potting/Fittings P5, P7 Charger
Assembly/field pictures
Photo albums
Pictures of LF Experiments
Pictures of Differential Cylinder Repairs Pictures of 900 MHz Tests and Installations Photos
Pictures of Burkert Solenoid Modifications P7 Board Assembly Pictures Pictures of Keller Transmitter Assembly Pictures of Cutting Vinyl/Painting
PDL/CDi history version 1.0, PDL/CDi history version 2.0, and the Aug 2000 Danster lake Erie gas production technology paper in html
PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: P7 Switcher PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: 900 MHz RF Link PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: CDi3.FTe Switcher PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: ZDL Switcher
PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: Pembina Lake Erie Datalogger PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: P5 Switcher PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: CDi3.RMe Switcher
PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: CDi2/PDL6, the PDL that Wasn't
PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: PDL1 to PDL4 Datalogger
PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: CDi99 Libby Flow Meter
PDL/CDi History Version 1.0: PDL5
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